Monday, July 09, 2007

Handfasting & Shamanic Fair

This weekend Wonder and I were invited to the handfasting of Molaris and Aphrodite Moira. We left early, because Wonder wanted to go to Zutphen first. That's a very nice town to look around and shop. He had seen a shirt made of hemp in a shop there. He fitted it and decided to buy it for the handfasting. It looks a bit like linen, but it feels softer and more comfortable to wear. We played with water near the river IJssel, hugged trees, ate delicious bread at a nice bakery and enjoyed the cosy streets in the old town. We spent quite some time at Ajapajapam, the local new age shop. I had forgotten to pack a necklace, so I looked for something else. I didn't like a particular pendant, but found a beautiful amethyst necklace for a very reasonable price.

Then it was time to drive to Lochem. After a beautiful drive in the afternoon sun we arrived early at Centrum Athanor, the location. We asked where we could pitch the tent, but that wasn't even necessary. At a wonderful place surrounded by bushes and trees already stood a tent and we could use that one for the night. It was next to their sweatlodge. After we unpacked the stuff we'd need we changed our clothes. Wonder wore his new shirt and I had taken my black skirt and blouse.

We met a lot of people we hadn't seen for a long time, some for years. Great to hug and talk to them again! When Molaris and Aphrodite Moira sat down we offered our present. We had decorated and filled a framework with freshly picked corn and other plants. In the back was a sonnet by Shakespeare (Shall I compare thee...) and on the glass in front was a blessing in gold. Mol and Aphro were very happy with it and surprised it was selfmade; that's a big compliment!

We had time to eat and drink something, and to look around the property. I have been there years ago when they just started, but now it is ready and even prettier. The stone circle is still magnificent and full of energy. Compare then and now!
Somewhere around 6.30pm the handfasting ritual began. Torc led the ceremony; we know him from several other occasions. The ceremony was impressive, warm and beautiful. Mol and Aphro are so obviously loving each other and meant to be together; they looked so happy! Their promises and the binding of the hands were very touching. The people of Dragonheart Flying Team brought two owls into the circle, Nazg├╗l and Smeagol. Benjamin2Bears (yes, the one from the Brookberg) introduced and led the drumcircle for the happy couple. It felt powerful and very good. Aphro was enjoying it so much she was shaking on her feet! During almost the whole ceremony a butterfly was sitting on the same spot right in front of Wonder and me. A butterfly stands for metamorphosis!

Back at the square in front of the farmhouse we sat around the fire and caught up with everyone. One by one people had to go. It was strange to stay there! After midnight Wonder and I decided to go back to the stone circle. We saw the moon rise and looked at the stars; a magical night on a very magical place! I wouldn't have missed this special moment for the world. It was 1.30am when we finally went to sleep. We had to get up very early, so we didn't sleep long.

Sunday morning when we woke up at 6.30am it was chilly, but sunny with a blue sky. It was very quiet, just the birds singing... Reluctantly we left this wonderful place to go to Eindhoven. In Aquamarijn there was a shamanic fair, organized by Vrouwenkracht (women power). In one of the big rooms we got 9 m2 for Wellness Massages. We built and decorated a nice stand (see pics of table, chair and info corner) for which we got a lot of compliments. We wore matching t-shirts, done by Gerard. The amount of visitors varied from time to time, but Wonder had enough customers to cover the costs and even have something extra. A lot of people asked for information and/or took a folder. All in all it was a successful undertaking.

After we took down the stand and packed the car we drove to Gaialynn. Ron had already been at her place during the day and waited there for us. She had made dinner for us. Yummy, we were quite hungry! We talked and sat for a while. I almost fell asleep, so we decided to drive home. What a weekend!!

*** I'll add pictures later. My computer has problems, I'm now on Ron's or on the laptop. Come back soon!
July 16: I finally added the pics!


  1. Ben je nog bij Hasse geweest, of...?
    I can't wait to see the pictures, I can imagine that everything looked magical. Also the fair sounds interesting? How come I always miss the good things? I should read more websites I think.
    Trouwens, ik nog heb over je gedroomd :)(staat op mijn andere blog).

  2. Anonymous16/7/07 12:33

    Jou heb ik heel lang niet gezien, noch je site bezocht. Zo te zien gaat het allemaal prima en leuk dat je bij zo'n mooie en romantische ceremonie was. Hope you're doin' fine,
    in LVX


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