Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another dream about mum

Tonight I had another dream about my mum. I was walking in the Hema (a Dutch department store mum and I often visited) with Ron, when someone came in with... my mother. I fainted at the spot.
The next moment Ron was explaining to me that he had talked to the woman and that she wasn't my mother. I looked at her and couldn't believe him; she was her spitting image! I knew Ron would never lie to me about something like this though. A feeling of pain and grief came over me and then I woke up.
I know I'm still coping with mum's death, coming to terms with it at daytime and most certainly in my dreams...


  1. I'm so sorry that you're hurting, but it sounds like these dreams are your very personal way of working through it.

  2. [[hug]]

    Oddly enough, not long after my mother in law died, her daughter and I were in one of her favorite shopping areas - a mall - and we sae a woman walking around who was her spitting image! After we got over the shock, we followed the poor woman around for a few minutes, trying to catch more glimpses of her. It was spooky.

  3. I read about your two recent dreams of your mum. After we sold my mom's house, the family home, I started dreaming about mom and they were very disturbing as she was not dead and did not have a house to live in. I still occasionally have the dream, but it was a nightly haunt for about 3 years. It did not have to have a doctor or a dream interpreter to figure out what that was all about. Now my dreams are mostly about both my parents and nostalgic and if I dream about them at home it is the home of my youth.


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