Monday, September 24, 2007

Brookberg Mabon

Last weekend Wonder and I celebrated Mabon on the Brookberg. With Lammas (August) there was no celebration with the Children of the Circle, so it was a long time ago. We arrived early, but there were already others. The weather was very good and it stayed all weekend: warm, dry and sunny. The lake looked gorgeous as always. The view from the tent was magnificent.

In the stone ceremony preparing for the sweatlodge we each dedicated two stones: one for healing for ourselves and one for someone else (max. 2). I felt that this session would be very intense, and I wasn't wrong... We did three rounds in the sweatlodge. The first round as usual, the last two with our drums inside. The second round I drummed myself, the third round I let the women next to me use my drum. It was very special, different from before. It was heavier, but a unique opportunity to really let go of things. I was ready for it and stayed until the end. My old guide Carmen was there, dressed in lilac, and the black panther, my power animal. I was floating over the crystal plain. The message I got was: don't try too hard to see specific things, you can see and do all you want, the world is opening up for you. With the sweat I let go of a lot of old stuff, I felt reborn. After I left the sweatlodge I took a quick dip in the lake; cold, but I needed it.

Afterwards I had a huge appetite and thirst. Dinner time! Wonder had made a delicious dish (Ren dang?). I had brought fresh juices from my power juicer: kiwi, red apples, green apples, white grapes, orange and a mixed juice. After dinner Wonder took a nap and I was talking inside with some others. Bart has brought beautiful crystals. My eye fell on a big green piece of malachite. It fitted exactly in the palm of my hand and I held it close to my heart. I smiled, the piece gave me a happy feeling. It felt so wonderful; others noticed it too. Bart said I could have it and I couldn't believe it. I hesitated, but couldn't say no. I'm so grateful! I want to give something back, but I don't know what yet.

Later that evening we joined around the fire again for a drum circle. We followed one steady rhythm. I got in some kind of trance. Sometimes I just forgot to drum, startled and drummed on. A strange but wonderful experience.
I was very very tired so I went to sleep right after the drum circle ended. I slept good, deep.

The next morning a lot of people had to leave early, so we closed the circle with the 10 people left. This weekend has brought me a lot and I feel it will go on, it's only just begun...

Some pics I made: a feather in the wet grass, geese near the lake, trees in the distance, mushrooms, the sun through the trees, Spike in the lake, the sweatlodge, the rapeseed field (compare the field with Litha) and lots more!


  1. gaaf zeg eindelijk een foto waar ik zelf op sta al is het klein en in een hoekje :P echt super vet
    greetzz eric

    1. Ik heb nog veel meer foto's van de Brookberg, maar gebruik op mijn blog liever foto's waar mensen niet al te herkenbaar opstaan. Waar sta je precies? Ik heb foto's van Litha 2006 en van Yule 2006 t/m Yule 2007 ben ik alle keren geweest. Op Facebook heb ik ook nog een paar foto's staan.


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