Monday, September 03, 2007

End of challenge!

The 10:4 challenge has ended! This is my result:

  • April 3 (my start): 110.2 kg - 46% fat - BMI 36.8
  • May 1 (10:4 start): 104.9 kg - 45% fat - BMI 35
  • June 5 (1st update): 99.3 kg - 43% fat - BMI 33.2
  • July 3 (2nd update): 97.5 kg - 41% fat - BMI 32.6
  • Aug. 1 (3rd update): 93.5 kg - 42% fat - BMI 31.2
  • Sept. 1 (10:4 ends): 92.3 kg - 40% fat - BMI 30.8
(1 kg = 2.205 lbs)

The goal of the challenge was "To lose 10 pounds between May 1st and September 1st; 4 months, 2.5 pounds per month." The last month I didn't lose much weight, but I defeated the object some time ago. I did it in the right way and I'm happy with what I've achieved. In 5 months I lost 17,9 kg (almost 40 lbs), 6% fat and 6 BMI-points.
This is not the end of my diet though. I still want to see where I can end up with my weight by dieting in a healthy way. I want to be under 90 kgs, but I'd love to go under 80. We'll see if that's possible. I'm doing my best and that's all I can do! :-)


  1. A big congratulations to you!!!
    I am lost being an American and our stubborn resistance to the metric system but the numbers really show your hard work and determination.

    As always wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

    Be well and enjoy the day.

  2. congrats! What did you do to diet?

  3. I'm not doing any particular diet. Just my own thing: everything's allowed, but within moderation. I don't forbid myself things; that doesn't work. And I try to exercise more, that's essential too.


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