Monday, September 10, 2007

Lost my Bastet pendant...

Bast pentacleThis morning I took the train to Wonder. I was a bit early, so I visited the bookstore in the train station. When I left I suddenly felt my necklace fall. It was stuck in my bra, but the Bast pendant was gone. I turned my clothes inside out, searched the station and the bookstore, asked around... nothing! :-(
I know if you lose something you won't need it anymore or it is worn out, but Bast means a lot to me and I want to express that by wearing her pentacle. I ordered the pendant in the USA, because I couldn't find this one over here. It was my favourite pendant and now it's gone... I'm so sad about it. I hope it is still available somewhere, although that won't feel the same.


  1. Ohhh! I hate it that you lost your pendant. I lost a beautiful bone Goddess once, and I still long for it. I have seen those pendants aroud the net for sale here in the US so maybe you can oder another one.


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