Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dusty Miller in Zeist

Last year in April I went to a walk with Dusty Miller the 13th in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. I enjoyed it very much. I always read his weblog and leave a comment now and then. I was pleased to hear he would visit our country the last week of September this year, again organized by Jeroen Heindijk of Geronimo's Gallery . I booked for a walk in the Panbos in Zeist on September 30. Wonder would come with me.

Unfortunately Wonder couldn't come because he was ill. I called Joke and she was happy to go in his place. We picked up Llwella in Nieuwegein. The meeting place wasn't exactly easy to find! the directions weren't specific enough. In the end we found it, but it was good we left early!

The Panbos (woods of Pan) is very beautiful. Jeroen and Dusty told us about the trees and we did some exercises. It was a great experience. Again I learned a lot!
The group wasn't big; I think we were with 15. It was wonderful to be with people that understand and share my love for trees. There also was a cameraman; there's a DVD about Dusty in the making. Great! If it's ready, Jeroen will announce it on his website. The weather was good: dry with some sun. The last days before it had rained a lot, but we were lucky!

After the walk we all drove to Jeroen's place where Dusty took a seat in the living room to answer questions. I love to hear him telling stories about his family, the trees and everything else. It's such fascinating material and he's a very good story teller. Afterwards I introduced myself and he was pleasantly surprised to meet the Tinkerbell he knew from the comments on his blog.

We also had a look in Jeroen's gallery. He sells a lot of interesting stuff. Dusty's Livewood of course, but also woodwork by Houtdraaierij Kramer, herbs, incense and other related products.

You can see the pictures I made in this online album.
Watch Dusty's first YouTube video about a very unusal find of many 4 and 5 leaf clovers.


  1. Anonymous3/10/07 00:25

    I saw the pics in your album and it really looks like a beautiful place - thanks for sharing

  2. Your album is really nicely made up ! Doesn't matter that you hadn't time for COT that happens ! Hope to see Maia again next week. BTW Rosie will be 5 months on Friday ! time goes by so fast !


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