Monday, June 09, 2008

Netherlands - Italy 3-0

picture: ANP
I hardly ever blog about sports even though I love to watch the big tournaments: tennis, Olympics, speedskating, cycling and... soccer. Tonight I just have to blog!
The Dutchies played their first match in the 2008 European Championship. The opponent was Italy, the ruling world champion. It had been 30 years ago that we beat the Italians, but as always the hopes of the Dutch supporters were high! The whole country is decorated in orange, streets were empty during the match. Expectations were around 7.5 million people in The Netherlands (half our total population!!) would watch.
Well, the match was amazing! Italy didn't play bad, but the Dutch were better. If you want a full report, look here. My favourite player, Ruud van Nistelrooy, scored the first goal; Sneijder made the second (on his birthday!) and Van Bronckhorst finished the job. That last one played an awesome match, but I think the whole team did. :-) A very promising start of the tournament!

~*~ HUP HOLLAND HUP !!!! ~*~


  1. Anonymous10/6/08 04:08

    That was a totally awesome match. I couldn't believe the way the Dutch kept pushing after they had the 2 goal lead at half time. Fantastic stuff!

  2. laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan


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