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TT #82: goddess sign


What's your goddess sign?

I found this amazing thing on iGoddess, a great Goddess portal with all kinds of interesting stuff.
Your natural-born attributes can be attributed to an ancient goddess whose energy prevailed at the time of your birth. Just like astrology, goddess energy defines who you are and what your life purpose may be. The alignment of stars and planets influence our personalities, values and choices. Every action, thought, projection of self, and treatment of others is a reflection of your goddess sign.

  • Mar 21 - Apr 20: Athena - Powerful and zesty Athena is the beautiful warrior queen who stood guard over the ancient city of Athens. Born leaders, Athena-inspired women know no fear, or that's the face they present to the world at least.........
  • Apr 21 - May 21: Juno - Comfort, warmth and material security are the things that keep devoted wife Juno happy. Prepared to go to any lengths to protect their relationships, Juno-inspired women fight for the elements they want and deserve in order to preserve and enrich the home environment.........
  • May 22 - Jun 21: Persephone -Vital and intelligent Persephone, erstwhile professional victim, was the innocent girl that was kidnapped to the underworld by Hades (yes, but was it really kidnap? Well, maybe, at first). Persephone-girls tend to be fickle, meaning "yes" when they say "no".........
  • Jun 22 - Jul 23: Diana - Powerful and protective, Diana is the Roman goddess of nature, fertility, children, providence and harvest. Finely tuned to their environment and the feelings of others, Diana-inspired women are hunted for their natural empathy and sensitivity.........
  • Jul 24 - Aug 23: Pele - The bright and fiery Pele is the Hawaiian goddess whose spirit dwells inside the largest active volcano in Hawaii. Full of passionate energy, Pele gals love being the centre of attention and the life of the party.........
  • Aug 24 - Sep 23: Hestia - Goddess of household abundance and well-being, Hestia energises the home with a welcoming energy, healthy food and comfort. As such, she is a creature of habit and organisation, purity, sincerity, sanctity and safety.........
  • Sep 24 - Oct 23: Venus - The perfect lover, Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. She rules over a woman's sense of style and her appreciation for acts of love, pleasure and romance.........
  • Oct 24 - Nov 22: Bast - Archetypal goddess of protection, Bast (also known as Bastet or Basthet) is the Egyptian cat-headed goddess. It is no surprise therefore that she bestows qualities of playfulness, poise and feline sensuality.........
  • Nov 23 - Dec 21: Rhiannon - A maiden of ethereal beauty, Rhiannon was the Welsh goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic. She was born with the first moonrise, embedding her with an inner urge for adventure and travel.........
  • Dec 22 - Jan 20: Demeter - In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. When her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, Demeter's search took her on the path of poverty, abuse and eventually madness.........
  • Jan 21 - Feb 19: Hathor - Patron of dancers, mother of the gypsies, Hathor is the ancient Queen of Heaven. Hathor-inspired women have the gift of shape-shifting - the ability to transform themselves from a woman crippled with anxiety to a creature shining with light and radiance.........
  • Feb 20 - Mar 20: Oshun - Mother of rivers and the bloodstream, Oshun is the Nigerian goddess of universal love and sensuality. Oshun women are as flexible and predictable as the tides, being generous with their time for themselves during an "ebb", and for others during a "flow".........
  • Curious? I only gave you the first two sentences......... Want more? Read the full descriptions here!

© Anita Revel, author and creatrix of

Bonus: the iGoddess Meditation: based on a poem, reflecting on how goddess energy manifests in the elements and our lives.


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  1. I am Hathor! And I loved the description :) Fun list idea Tink!

    Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

    My Life In The Urban Zoo

  2. Anonymous5/6/08 00:24

    I am Juno! What a cool idea for a post. I like my Goddess! Fun fun fun.

  3. Wow...It says I'm a mother of gypsies. Guess that explains why I don't see the kids often.

    INTERESTING T-13 Tink!!!!

  4. I'm Bast- but only just (bday is 25th Oct)
    An interesting TT thanks!

    My list is here

  5. I am Hestia, but I think that has to be wrong. I am SO not a goddess of healthy food and comfort! Haha!

  6. Dec 2
    The fertility part is sure wrong - but the travel and adventure? I never unpack!

    The Pink Flamingo

  7. I think Hestia fits me pretty well. Happy T13!

  8. Anonymous5/6/08 01:33

    How wonderful. I've never seen anything like this - but I also don't see Artemis who I really like.... I'll have to check it out.

    Thank you for being such a wonder and sharing with enthusiasm! ((hug)) Did you find out about your statue??

    Happy TT!

  9. That's pretty cool. Mine is persephone. Was happy with it.

  10. Anonymous5/6/08 02:01

    Very interesting. I'm Hathor.

  11. Rhiannon is my goddess. Sounds good to me! Thanks for a fun post.

  12. What a fun TT. I loved it. I'll have to check out the website. It looks interesting. Great TT.

  13. had me at "vital" and "intelligent"...

  14. Ha Ha this was hysterical for me to read because I so not NOT "rule over a woman's sense of style" I better go check out the rest of it! Great TT!

  15. Very interesting!! Mine is Persephone, and my baby daughter's is Diana.

  16. what a goddess list. learned a lot from this.

  17. Funnily enough, I'm Diana :-)

  18. Anonymous5/6/08 04:07

    Wow, great 13! I'm Demeter...very interesting stuff! I didn't read all of them (except the two sentences!) but enjoyed reading mine! Thanks for sharing those.

    Happy TT :)

    This is my first time participating! I'm loving it so far.

  19. that explains it - mine is Pele!

    thanks for that info. mine is up too. i listed the top hits on the year i was born =) >>

  20. Bast here!!! Cool list...Happy TT.

  21. I'm Pele. Yes I love to be the life of the party. I like this idea for a TT. Very fun.

  22. Anonymous5/6/08 04:40

    audreyCan't I be all of them? I wanna be more than me.

  23. Anonymous5/6/08 04:53

    this one was funny. I wonder where they got it - I am sure that someone made this up at some point, because the Goddesses on the list come from all over the place and I can't even think of any reason that any particular one's "energy" would have been in charge at any particular time of year. I suspect someone just rewrote the zodiac - but it's fun to play with anyway! apparently I am Hestia too, which I admit ruffled my feathers - I am so about food and comfort and the home but I'd like to think that I'm all the other stuff too ;-)

    A captivating thursday thirteen nonetheless! Mine was about hobbies and fun and the journey of discovering "what grownups do for fun"....

  24. What a great TT! I am Goddess Pele! nice to meet you!

  25. Mine is Bast. Since I'm a crazy cat lady, it suits me fine. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  26. Anonymous5/6/08 06:55

    I loved reading about Rhiannon - I am going to explore more about her and post about it on my regular blog.
    Hope it's okay to link back to your post :)
    Happy 13

  27. Anonymous5/6/08 11:36

    I love your list! & thanks for letting us know about this igoddess site - I didn't know that it was out there, but now I plan on spending some time reading on there this afternoon.

    Have a great Thursday! :)

  28. I got Venus - yay! A perfect lover, huh? I'll take that!

  29. I'm Rhiannon. That could explain why we only ever had to think about having a baby, and *poof*--pregnancy.

    Plus, there's the cool song by Fleetwood Mac that's running through my head now.

  30. Anonymous5/6/08 18:04

    Great list, I'm Persephone. And even us Persephone-boys tend to be fickle and say no when we mean yes quite often. Happy TT!

  31. Anonymous5/6/08 18:27

    I am Juno.
    Yeah, sounds kind of like me.

    Fun list.

  32. Anonymous5/6/08 18:54

    Oh, I didn't know Diana was my goddess sign. Interesting! *wg* Great TT, chica!

  33. I am Persephone :)

    Happy TT!
    My 35th Edition
    Fav Children's Authors
    Always @ The Cafe.

  34. My son is fascinated by the Pele legend. Happy TT.

  35. Anonymous5/6/08 23:10

    I am Demetor and after following the link to read the rest of the description I have to say that is pretty damn spot on!

  36. Happy late TT, Tink...but I haven't been to bed yet..LOL.
    I just loved this. I'm also a Hathor! and thought the meaning behind it was Great!!!

  37. Venus here. Cool link!

  38. My Goddess sign is Rhiannon. Is that why Rhiannon is my favorite Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac song?

    If so, that's pretty ... mystical?

  39. Anonymous7/6/08 01:35

    Very cool TT!
    Thanks for dropping by over at my place.

  40. Hm, I don't think Diana really suits me, to be honest. Don't recognise it at all, well, maybe the protective bit, but harvest (I don't like gardening) or children and fertility??

  41. I lean towards the Egyptian pantheon with my paganism, and I'm delighted to be a Hathor.

  42. Anonymous8/6/08 14:37

    I'm a Rhiannon and it sounds great - but then again, I'm a man, so maybe it doesn't count then? ;-)

    Wishing you a great Sunday and a great week ahead!


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