Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cone of Power

Chakra Energy Generator CrystalLast week Ara Lowlands had a Ritual Apart Together planned (each at our own home doing the same ritual at the same time in a meditation). Because of my recent health problems the group, together with several people from Phyllis' group in New York, wanted to do a Cone of Power for me. When it was proposed to me, I was ready to trivialise my problems and say it wasn't necessary. My usual pitfall peeped around the corner. But no, not this time! I accepted the offer and looked forward to it. I felt very honoured and happy about it.

I went upstairs early to prepare and get myself in the right mood. The music I chose was "Terre Celte" by Gwenaël Kerléo (harp music). At 9 pm I started. From the first moment on it felt like more people than usual were there. It was pleasantly vibrant around the little huts. Altogether we walked up the hill. In the east the full moon was rising, in the west the orange-red sun was setting. I noticed Bagheera (my power animal, a black panther) was with me, which made me feel extra comfortable. In front of our temple Yin and Yang, our temple cats, were waiting for us.

We made a circle on the meadow west of the temple. I was sitting with my back to the temple, overlooking the sea in the distance. Bagheera was lying behind me, Yin and Yang were sitting on either side of me. We cast the circle from hand to hand, I could see it manifest beautifully. After calling the quarters I invited the goddess Sulis Minerva in our circle to bless us with her healing powers. The God was invited in his guise as Green Man for strength and perseverance.

The Oak Grove grounding exercise was very powerful. My roots made contact with the roots of everyone around me deep in the earth. We all became one and I didn't want to withdraw my roots. I tried to hold on to that wonderful feeling when I finally did withdraw.

I sat down comfortably in the middle of the circle. Around me everyone was preparing. When they held hands I saw the energy pass through the circle and became part of it. After a while everyone picked up their rattles and drums and started walking. Slowly at first, than dancing and finally running around. The energy built up. When one of them gave the sign, the energy reached to me in a shower of splendid colours. It formed an egg of light around and inside me. Sulis Minerva poured a waterfall of green water over the egg. As the energy rushed through me I felt warm and sparkling. The energy I couldn't take up myself I directed into the chakra crystal I was holding. I stayed in the circle for some time to enjoy the energy, warmth and love I felt. Slowly the egg withdrew into my body and the crystal. Wow......

The cake and wine helped me to become grounded again. Especially for me it was chocolate (I'm a chocoholic *lol*) and appel-lemon juice (I don't drink alcohol). Meanwhile we were talking, getting acquainted and exchanging experiences. After a while it was time to say our thanks and close the circle. We danced and chanted on our way down the hill. There we stayed for some time and sat around a fire. Then the "New-Yorkers" walked into the guest hut and we went in our own huts.

Back in my room I just sat and enjoyed the wonderful feelings. I felt reborn, full of energy. I wrote everything in my Ara-book and went downstairs to tell Ron all about it! I felt blessed and loved after this anazing experience.


  1. Hi Tink, I hope that you are having a grand day!

  2. It sounds like a very special experience. I hope that wonderful feeling stays with you a long time!

  3. Anonymous26/8/08 10:56

    ...regarding "But no, not this time! I accepted the offer and looked forward to it. I felt very honoured and happy about it."


    And this is the energy I'm holding for you here in Australia: you are smiling and dancing and enjoying the sun on your face :-)



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