Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Almost two weeks later

eyes Jan. 6 2009Remember the removal of my xanthelasmata? It has been two weeks now. The stitches were removed on December 31st; that was fixed in a minute and didn't hurt a bit. Since then I apply a gel with aloe vera on my eyelid twice a day. It works very good. I have a difficult skin; every little wound or scratch gets infected, no matter what I do to prevent that. Therefore I'm extremely pleased that my eyelid is healing this good!
The only inconvenience is the little muscle in the corner of my eye near my nose. It seems to be more visible and on the surface than before the surgery. If you look closely you can see the difference, but it's not very clear in this picture. It isn't really troubling me, but I'll keep an eye on it!


  1. If you're talking about your left eye, it looks to us like the healing process will take care of it. (We're not even sure we're seeing the muscle you're speaking of, though.)

    It's healing well, though, isn't it? Sending extra get well purrs,

  2. It looks a tiny bit swollen there, but I bet it will go down as it heals. Sending you many healing wishes!

  3. maybe it just needs some extra time before that goes away. I'm sure it will be fine! But if, like you said, you have a difficult skin then perhaps the healing process will be a bit more different.

    good luck!


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