Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thank Goddess!

Yay!!! Ron has a new job!! He is going to work for a VW-Audi cardealer/garage as head of the workshop reception. I know he has the skills and experience to make it a success. It is the job of the third interview last week. I guess the ritual I did has helped! This afternoon he'll be introduced to the colleagues and he'll start on Monday. He is a bit nervous, but that's quite normal. I'll light the green candle when he's left.

I regularly take part in rituals, meetings and the witches' cafe of Merry Meet, a pagan group from Amsterdam. For Mabon we went to the Amsterdam forest for a walk. The weather was good (the days before and after there was a lot of rain over here). We found a perfect spot (picture), where we made an all nature altar (picture). We did a simple ritual. I thanked the god and goddess on behalf of Ron and me for the new job, in words and by burying something in a special place (picture).

The Mabon ritual with the Witches of the Rose is cancelled. One of the girls got a surprise weekend-holiday to Sweden from her husband. The others and I will go for a walk in the dunes anyway and eat afterwards in the pancake restaurant nearby.

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