Tuesday, August 26, 2008

COT #18: Freyja's places

Cats On Tuesday
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Freyja always wants to sit and sleep in strange places. When she was a kitten, she liked to play and sleep in Boris' trough (feeding bowl?):

Freyja in Boris' troughWhen we adopted Maia she came with her own sleeping basket. She hardly ever sleeps in it though. Freyja and Foofur take turns in it, although they both only just fit in it.

freyja in Maia's basket But Freyja's number one is sleeping in a box, any box. The smaller the better!

Freyja in box


  1. Your pictures are so cute!!! The last in the card box is the best ;o)
    I´m always impressed how little places cats need to nap.
    Luna loves to sleep in the newspaper basket under the couch. There is only a very very small place but she love that.

  2. Haha.. real cuties they are. I just wonder why cats love to sleep in smaller areas such as little boxes when they have lots of open cushions for for comforts. Maybe, they feel more secure in them?

  3. That last one just made me SMILE. Have a wonderful day.

  4. url them selves up into the smallest places they can find.

  5. It seems a cat is just laying comfortable when she is completely curled up :-)

  6. I think cats like a secure tight place to feel comfy. Cute photos!

  7. Cute kitties! Boxes are just the best, it's true!

  8. Freyja is adorable! Allie likes to sleep in bowls!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Oh these are cute! What a good idea with the cat club. is my TT for this week...about an interesting've probably seen some of these buildings in person!


  10. Hi Tink. Thanks for coming to our place to leave a comment. Bella likes to sleep in bags...any kind will do; handbag, plastic bag, back pack. Just don't leave a bag open around our place or Bella will be in it!

    Your kitties are really cute.


    Mitzi & Bella

  11. Wonderful pics - looks so comfy - thanks for sharing!

    Have a great end to your week :-)

  12. Kitties love spaces with something
    they can lay their heads up against!
    These are fun photos!

  13. What beautiful cats they are! It's amazing how they can curl themselves up to nap in unusual places.

  14. Hi There, :o)

    Thanks so much for the link. I love your blog and visit often. I love the entries up now. Keep on keepin on sister!




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