Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Tony!

I've adopted black panther Bagheera at Big Cat Rescue. They do excellent work. I found this appalling case on their website. Please take the time to read and watch this!

Tony the Tiger resides in a truck stop/roadside attraction in Grosse Tete, LA in a concrete cage that is overrun with feces and overwhelmed by fumes from 18-wheelers. Louisiana state wildlife officials have given the owner 30 days to find Tony a new home. Instead of doing that, the owner filed a lawsuit...
Big Cat Rescue, the world's largest accredited sanctuary, is willing to commit to the lifetime care of Tony, providing him clean conditions to live in, proper veterinary care, and an appropriate diet.

Watch the video to see what's happening:

Tony's owner has filed a lawsuit to block the state and local officials from enforcing the "no exotic pets" ordinance. Further, the judge has issued a temporary injunction preventing the removal of Tony until the hearing for a ruling by the Parish which is scheduled for January 20th.

I signed the petition and wrote a letter online to the parish. You can help too! Visit the Free Tony page on the Big Cat Rescue site to see what you can do, preferably before January 20th!

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