Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maia is featured!

Cats On Tuesday
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Today I send you to a very nice website where Maia was featured yesterday. I had computer problems, so I couldn't let you know earlier.
click to go to is "a collecshun of the best kitteh bellys on da planet"! Obsessed with the soft and furry kitty bellies? Well, this is the place for you!! Kittybellys is the place to admire and worship kitty bellies. (Btw, the site also has Entrecard)

I found the site when Harley & Daisy were featured there on February 4th and 3rd. I submitted two pictures of Maia's pretty belly and got an instant answer she'd be on the site a.s.a.p. She is now!


  1. yey!! Thank you for telling your fans about kittybellys!! love your belly!!

  2. This kittybelly picture is adorable ! I remember when little Maia "moved" in, lol ! it was almost the same time as Rosie.

  3. Cute pic - thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Wow, a kitty belly site. That's almost as esoteric as cats and synthesizers ;)

  5. 'k Ga direct 'ns een kijkje nemen op die kittybelly site !
    Groetjes !

  6. if I would try that Harvey would take a chunk out of me.

  7. We never heard about a kittie belly site. We want to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cat tummies are fuzzy and cute. Maia's seems to move on it's own too. Nice! Au's is also rather large - like a tiger's tummy.

  9. Oh...she's so cute, especially on you! I may consider taking snap shot of furry bellys and sent it there...haha!


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