Monday, November 09, 2009

My weekend

I've had quite an interesting weekend! Saturday started at 8am with a lesson aguajogging. I've done that for quite some years. Joke has aquaspinning lessons with me, but also continued the aquajogging. This time they could bring someone for free. It was fun!

In the afternoon Wonder picked me up to go to a lecture in bookshop Donner (book paradise of 6000 m2) in Rotterdam. The lecturer was Jacob Slavenburg: cultural historian, authority about gnosticism and related issues, translator of the complete Nag-Hammadi writings). The theme was his new book that appeared on November 1st: "Het Grote Boek der Apokriefen" (The Great Book of the Apocrypha), a comprehensive work in which virtually all Christian apocryphal and secret writings from the first four centuries have been incorporated. A very interesting subject by a great lecturer!

Sunday I attended the third evening of the shamanic training. Linda had invited a female friend she has worked with for some time. Our group was asked to do a soul retrieval ritual with and for her, a cross-over between shamanic ritual and family /systemic constellations. I had an active part. It was very impressive and most importantly I think we helped her in her process. Afterwards I felt tired but also satisfied.


  1. How nice of you to do the ritual!

  2. Hi Tink! How are you? I haven't been by to see you in so long! You were very kind to send healing vibes for my daughter. I think it's working!
    Did you have a good Samhain? I love the little kitty picture you posted for that. I lit lots of candles and just quietly focused on my loved ones. Especially my beloved kitty Tookie who passed over two years ago. I have not had any visitation dreams from her in a while and it is hurting my heart.
    I was happy to see you have a new puppy. How adorable! The kitties must be thinking "this is so not funny!"
    Have you read any of Yasmin Galenorn's books? She writes urban fantasy about three sisters and she herself is a Shamanic witch.
    I have become very interested in the Energy that is our Spirit. Continuation of the spirit energy means Love never dies.
    Well, I rambled on a lot! It's just nice to talk to someone who gets it. Where I live people are not accepting of different beliefs that are not mainstream.
    I'm sending you thoughts of Bright Blessings!

  3. Hi Tinkerbell
    Fijn weekend ;-)

    van ons
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  4. Hello Tink,
    Thank you so much for your visit to my photoblog and also for your kind comments.
    Any friend of Renny's is a friend of mine. :-)
    Your blog is very interesting - I will definitely visit again!
    Kind Regards,


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