Friday, March 05, 2010


Today we finally applied for new passports. They expired in September 2009, but first we didn't have the money (2x €50,90) and then we couldn't find them... They have a fixed place, but somehow weren't there anymore. We searched the house several times, but alas... This week we decided to report them missing. That would have meant extra costs, but we really didn't know where else to look. Before we did inform the police we decided to search one more time. And o wonder... we found them, in Ron's photography bag! At first we wondered why, but suddenly we knew. Ah well, they have been found.

Of course we needed passport photo's. I never like pictures of myself, but the requirements for a passport made it even worse: ears visible, 100% front view, no smile. Ron had to take his glasses off. The photographer made an extra set of 'normal' pictures. Mine are both horrible, on the 'normal' pic I have slit-eyes because he made me laugh. At least Ron's pics are nice. :-)
Since a short time there are fingerprints on the Dutch passports. I thought about ink, the old-fashioned way, but none of that! It worked with a scanner, nice and clean. Next Friday we can pick up our new passports!


  1. I had the same show at the German embassy ! and I look like "wanted" on my passport photo without a smile. We all have to have finger prints on our passports now. That's the new European "law". All Europeans have that now.

  2. wooow, sounds great! and that means that you can join us at the Oslo Blog Gathering in August - right? :-)

    Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much lately as I am very busy at work and also make the best plan for the gathering.


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