Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning To Stand

Last year I let Claudia Hall Christian hijack my blog to promote her fabulous novel The Fey (see blogpost). Now it's time to let you know about the second novel in this series: Learning To Stand. I read it a few weeks ago. I was really looking forward to see how Alex' story would continue and I wasn't disappointed in any way. If you liked The Fey, you'll like Learning To Stand. I love both!

After all Alex Hargreaves has been through everyone expects her to move on. That's not as easy as they make it sound though... Alex struggles to get back on her feet. Meanwhile the world around her doesn't stand still. Things happen around her and she has to get herself together. She's the only chance of survival for a little kid. With the courage of despair she leads her team into a very dangerous encounter.

The book grabbed me and I couldn't lay it down. Page after page I wanted to read to know what would happen next. Indeed, a page-turner par excellence. Interested? Claudia is offering you a 20% discount on all of her books. Use discount code "BLOGTOUR" in her Create Space store. Learning To Stand is also available at Amazon, but it's not possible to offer the discount there.

But it gets even better! If you comment on this blog post you are automatically entered to win a FREE copy of Learning To Stand. I will wait until the beginning of next week to give you some time. Just like last year I'll put the names of the commenters on little papers and pick one blindly, so... take your chance and leave a comment!
Claudia will be checking in and answer your questions.

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  1. Would you have to read "the Fey" first before readig "Learning to stand", because I am sorry to say I haven't read the first yet.
    Can I borrow that one from you first, Tink?

  2. You need the first novel to understand the second better. You can read it separately, but you'd miss a lot of clues. You can order both of course :-) (or just The Fey if you win LTS), download or read The Fey online (see the links), but borrowing can be arranged if you want. :D

  3. OOh sounds great Cora, would love to win! Thanks so much :)

  4. Would love to be introduced to a new author that you recommend...

  5. Love love love books! Free is better! This book looks like a winner either way!

  6. Doe mijn naam maar in die hoge hoed hoor! De vakantie staat bijna voor de deur en wat extra leesvoer is nooit weg. Lijkt me heel interessant! Liefs, Wendy


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