Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life goes on

Yep, life goes on and that's about it. No change in our situation unfortunately so we struggle on...
Luckily there are also positive things happening from time to time. They can't turn the tide of things, but help us to persevere...


With some friends we got the idea to make our own drums. Most of us had never done that before, but together we shared some experience. We prepared the best way we could and started fresh. We couldn't find a lot of info on the www, except for some video's on YouTube. I decided to document the process in pictures, for ourselves and for others that might be interested. We made everything from scratch:

birch wood to make the frames

unprepared deer skin 
The result: Mrs & Mr Deer!
See all the pics in this photoalbum

It had been a while since I visited the pagan pub moots in Amsterdam and Haarlem. 
Amsterdam is on a Wednesday and that's my aquaspinning evening. In February we had a break, so I could finally go to the pub moot in Amsterdam again, on a new location. I had a wonderful evening and hope to go again in the summer break.
The witches' cafe in Haarlem had been a while ago too. In April I planned to go there with a friend, but when she had to cancel I decided to go alone. Met old friends and some new, had wonderful conversations about all kinds of stuff... I want to go more regularly again.


In the middle of April Ron and I joined an excursion to a heathen archaeological site in the Broekpolder in Heemskerk. There have been excavations around a monument with aspects of the Bronze Age to the Modern Age. The site is transformed into a park but the remains are preserved in the ground for future exploring. In the landscape they honoured the original findings. We did a little ritual there and left some offerings.
See more pics here
Really interested? Download this pdf to learn more about this site.


On Saturday April 27th I went to the annual PFI Netherlands Conference in Lunteren. It's always a very busy day, but I wouldn't want to miss it. I meet a lot of people there, do workshops, talk, eat, drink, etc. 
This year people from Reclaiming did the opening and closing ritual, but everyone participated. I especially liked the "Waters of the World": everyone brought water from where they came or another special place. All the water was collected in an overflowing bowl. 
So many workshops and lectures, so little time. Choosing is difficult every time! I went to:
  • Luna Verde about 'Tarantism', an age-old Italian healing ritual using music, song and dance. I had never heard of it before, very interesting!
  • Ina Custers- van Bergen about 'The sacred entrance into the Otherworld' who gave me some wonderful insights and things to think about.
  • David Rankine about 'Grimoires and Books of Secrets' - some of it can be found in this article, really something to dig in some more...
  • Jim Bennett about 'Past Life Regression' - no action just info about the origins and how to do it in a safe way.
  • Andrew Cox about 'Plant Spirits' - in a small hot room instead of outside but still a wonderful subject I can never hear anough about.
After the closing ritual I enjoyed the traditional Chinese-Indian buffet while talking with friends again (or still). :) Unfortunately I was too tired to stay for the evening concert by Harmony Glen, so I drove home earlier. What a wonderful day...


On World Labyrinth Day (May 4th this year) Ron and I walked a temporary Santo Rosa labyrinth in the St. Bavo Church In Haarlem. I love labyrinths! In the beginning a lot of people in the church clearly didn't understand what we were doing; they kept walking straight over / through the labyrinth, very rude... We went back later and thank gods it was better by then. As always walking a labyrinth felt great and helped me in many ways...
See more pics of the church and labyrinth here.


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