Monday, October 26, 2015

Wendy Rule workshop and concert

We didn't have the best of times last week, but the weekend made up for that! We had a wonderful weekend...Friday evening started with the arrival of our friend Merel who stayed with us for the weekend.
Saturday afternoon Merel and I went to a workshop with Wendy Rule in Haarlem. The theme was the Underworld, perfect for this time of year. A lovely group of people and Wendy's music and stories created an intimate atmosphere that enabled us to go deep. We talked about how different people see the Underworld, what it means to us. The underworld can be a real taboo in society today, but life & death and dark & light simply belong together. They need each-other, they are one even. We shared some very personal stories. I won't share other people's stories of course: what happens in the circle, stays in the circle. That's a matter of respect and trust. I have told about my depressions, how sometimes you need to go even deeper to get out of it. The underworld can be a scary place then, but also a safe haven. Others don't always 'get' that, they want to help you. Wendy explained the myths about Demeter & Kore/Persephone, and about Inanna. She sang several of her songs that perfectly illustrated what we were talking about. The myths, darkness, death, depression... but also the underworld as realm of the ancestors, a hiding place and so much more... In a guided meditation we visited the crone. She showed herself to me as an old black panther with some grey hair. When I said goodbye she gave me a beautiful present: a veil. That can mean several things and I'll take my time to explore what it means to me and what I am supposed to do with it.

After the workshop we had a potluck dinner with lots of yummy stuff, what a treat! Ron and other people arrived and it was great to meet and re-connect with friends. Then it was time to enjoy a great concert by Wendy and her Timothy; beautiful songs interwoven with the stories behind them. I bought Wendy's last album, called Black Snake.

As always the end came way too soon! We helped cleaning up a bit and did some 'hangwitching' (Dunglish joke) before going home, where Merel, Ron and I had some fun time listening music together. We went to bed way past putting the clock back an hour!
Sunday I was tired and needed rest so we made it into a lazy day, not doing much. After dinner friends dropped in to bring me a bag full of chocolate, my favourite Milka Koeienvlekjes! The perfect ending to a wonderful weekend...

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