Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Belated Season's Greetings!

I finally have the card that Unicef Great Britain made last year with Rob's handwritten lyrics of "Angels"!! Unicef made it very difficult for foreigners outside GB. Only people from GB were able to order. If you paid with a credit card, the address of the owner AND the address to deliver the cards had to be in GB. Rob's fans worldwide were (are) eager to get hold of a pack. They could have made a lot of money for their good cause, but refused to be flexible about it. I wonder what Rob thinks about that...
A friend I know from the official forum had some spare packs and offered to sell one to me. Yayyyyyy, thanks sweetie! Here's a pic of the inside, with a little pic of Rob and the front (not made by him and I don't particularly like it).
I love "Angels"!!! Rob deserves to win the Brits 25 years Best Song Award with it. It's a pity a lot of people in the US only know the horrible version in which Jessica Simpson butchers the song. I can send you Rob's version, or better yet: buy his Greatest Hits album! Follow that link also to hear a sample of the best, one and only original of Angels (and samples of all the other songs on the album).

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