Friday, February 04, 2005

Online Imbolc Ritual

Last Wednesday I took part in an online Imbolc ritual announced on Pagan@OSN. I was curious and a bit sceptical before, but it was a very special experience. We met through Yahoo Messenger in a chatroom with audio. Glad I bought a headset some months ago! I didn't know how to use the mike, but I do now! I was nervous to speak English, but I did!
There was an audio guided meditation, which was beautiful. The circle was cast in written words; I spoke them out loud for myself. I was so far away from the rest, but felt really close! It was early in the evening for them, but 1am for me. After the ritual the energy was still whirling inside me, so I couldn't go to bed immediately. I got little sleep that night, but it was more than worth it!
Next time I'll make sure to be there again!

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