Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Ostara!!!

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This image is made by Cynthia Rudzis. Her website is currently under construction, but her art is worth waiting for. The Ostara image is one of a series of eight: "Cats of the Wheel".

This weekend I celebrated Ostara with a group of online pagan friends. I had a great time. We made our own relic and talisman to use in a beautiful ritual which was all about respect and letting things go. In the evening there was a drum circle around the fire outdoors. It was very powerful!
Unfortunately I couldn't sleep, but instead I had a wonderful conversation with a friend I hadn't spoken for a long time. So it turned out to be time well spent! We have promised each other to stay in contact this time and we will.
Sunday morning very early we did a lovely little ritual to greet the sun and welcome spring. After breakfast several people sat around the large table and did readings for each other: runes, tarot, inner child, channelling, etc. Even though it wasn't for me personally this time, I picked up a lot to remember!
Before we went home there was a show with birds of prey: snow owl, uhu (big owl), buzzard and... a raven! They were all great, but I couldn't keep my eyes of that last one! I was allowed to have it on my arm for a while (wearing a leather glove of course) and I was speechless. Quite the experience!!!

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