Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Reiki II

Last Saturday Joke and I had the first day of our Reiki II course by Percy. There were two other girls, also sisters. One of the women we met at the practising afternoon in January was present to help Percy and as a preparation for her third degree.
After a chat and some general information we got the symbols of the second degree; they are used to send Reiki to situations (past, present or future, Reiki doesn't know time) or persons. Not easy to draw or pronounce!! It's an unwritten law not to tell or show the symbols. I know everything can be found on the internet, but I'll honour that rule in my log. While we were practising the symbols each of us was taken aside to receive our attunements. In the coming weeks we'll try and see what it does. On April 16 we'll have the second day to exchange experiences, ask questions, practise if we want. Afterwards we'll get our certificate.

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