Monday, July 02, 2007

Marian Green Workshop

Last Saturday and Sunday I was invited to follow a workshop by Marian Green at Antonia's place (one of the Witchy Girls). We were with 12 people and the theme was divination. We first did a guided journey to visit the Guardian of Divination and get attuned. He wore a midnightblue cloak with silver tarotcards, runestones and other divination symbols on it.

Marian showed us that divination tools don't have to be fancy and/or expensive. Something on a string works just fine as a pendulum. I didn't bring my own pendulum, so I used a stone on a string from Marian. Needless to say it worked properly! We also learned to use a pendulum for testing and balancing a person's chakras.
It's easy to make your own oracle by collecting little things like a pebble, wool, button, ring, etc. Each item gets its meaning by everyone personally. We used Marian's oracle in two groups to answer each other's questions: "What is the essence of symbology?" and "How can the collective subconscious help to make a harmonious world?" Not the easiest questions, but with help of the oracle we found satisfying answers. Amazing!

Marian also told us some very interesting stuff about the tarot. The symbology is very old (allegedly dating back to the Egyptians), but real cards only came in the 14th century when cardboard was invented. It was originally a game, but later became an oracle. Members of the Golden Dawn had to make their own tarot deck, so that's when the variety started. Arthur Edward Waite was co-creator of the Rider-Waite deck. He was (one of the?) first to use illustrations for his deck; Pamela Colman Smith was the illustrator. Roughly 80 to 90 percent of the present-day decks is based on the Rider-Waite one.
She told much more, but I can't share all of it. We also did some exercises with the tarot. We each took a card, studied it and tried to "be" it, become one with it. My card was the Two of Cups. I had brought my Druidcraft Tarot, because I like it much better than the Rider-Waite. This is its Two of Cups. Cups stand for emotions. The two stands for love, healing, friendship, romance. It felt good to be the woman on the card!

Another topic we studied is scrying. This divination method needs a lot of practice. It isn't completely safe; the images are unlimited and you are on your own in an altered state of consciousness. Therefore it's important to take precautions. It is better not to do it alone and start in a controlled situation.
To practice we stood around a black cloth with our eyes closed. When we opened them, Marian had thrown a handful of white rice on it. We had to stare and look at what we saw in it. In 3 groups we talked about our experience and later with the whole group. It was remarkable that a lot of the same things were mentioned, although we stood on different sides of the cloth. It meant we were attuned as a group.

On Sunday we did a past life guided journey. I did that before in my first workshop with Marian in November last year. This time I was a woman surrounded by cats, walking in a green field in the woods, but near the sea. I felt peaceful, comfortable and relaxed. I had long, reddish blond hair, wore brown skirts with a white apron. It's striking that I always have cats; not only in every life, but also when I do inner journeys, meditations, etc.

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