Tuesday, March 17, 2009

COT #26: pictures and an artist

Cats On Tuesday
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hosted by Gattina.

Ron's birthday present was a new digital camera (Canon EOS 450D), so that had to be tested. What better models than the cats? In the end they tried to hide! "No daddy, please stop now!" ;-)
Maia hiding

This edition of CoT I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful artist who makes fabulous cat drawings. Do you know this one?
Bastet by Carrie HawksI've had it in my files for quite some time. I love it, but I never knew who made it. Through a mutual friend on Facebook I discovered the artist. Her name is Carrie Hawks. Take a look at her website and her Zazzle Gift Gallery. Great gifts for yourself and other cat lovers!


  1. What a cute pic! I love when the kitties hide their eyes. Happy Tuesday. :)

  2. She is such a cutie! Thanks for sharin' that shot (even if Maia didn't seem to appriciate 'posin' for it!LoL) Hope you a great week ahead, and Happy CoT!

  3. cute hiding pose, lol ! I have to look at this website, these cats are very nice ! Thanks for the tip !

  4. There's no better way to break in a new camera than with cat photos!

    That is a cool drawing. Will check out the webiste.

  5. She looks cute!
    The painting is great. I´ll check out the webside. Thank you for the tip!
    Happy Tuesday !

  6. What an adorable photo! Love the paws on the eyes. And the artist is very excellent.

  7. What a sweet baby hiding from the camera. I will have to check that website out.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  8. Lovely pictures both. Au does that "paw on face" too.

  9. No need to hide. You look gorgeous

  10. The first one was very cute and the second one very artistic - thanks for sharing!

    Happy weekend dear blog friend :-)


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