Tuesday, June 02, 2009

COT #27: Maia is 2 years old

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Remember Maia when she was very little? I was taking care of her when her (then) owners were on vacation. In the beginning she was very shy, but she was always waiting for me on the stairs.
little Maia
After a few weeks she came to live with us. It just had to be this way, Maia belonged here! Freyja & Bastet accepted her without too much problems.
the three goddesses
And now our little princess has turned 2! She still is and I think will always stay little and thin. Just before her birthday we had her neutered, because she was driving everyone crazy with her screaming. She has recovered fully. She still wants to be close to me all the time, but she has found her forever home and loves all of us. And we love her! One of her favourite places is on top of the cabinet, where she can oversee everything. And yes, the dirty paws on the wall are hers... ;-)
Maia on the look-out


  1. Happy Birthday to Maria! She looks very happy on her perch!

  2. What a beauty she is :)

  3. What a little cutie she is. And very elegant too. Isn't it odd how some of the most indulged kitties remain shy? Happy birthday Maia!

  4. Hi Tink

    Maia was so cute when little, and now turned onto a beautiful 'cat-woman'...hahaha!

  5. Maria is adorable. She did grow to be a beautiful cat.

  6. Hi Tink
    Ik zag je bij Ellen op t blogje :)
    Zoveel Nederlanders kom je niet tegen in bloggieworld :)
    Leuke blog heb je ,
    en hele mooie katten =^.^=
    purrsss Kareltje
    groetjes Anya


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