Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dogs at the beach

Last Thursday Boris got his yearly pre-summer trimming treatment: cutting, extensive brushing, shearing, decimating, etc. He looked much better after it! Yesterday the wheather was good, so we decided to go to the beach. Boris loves to swim in the sea and that's very good for his skin and fur.

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beach lakeOn the beach in IJmuiden between sea and dunes is a beautiful lake. We always walk from the dunes through this natural area to the sea.

Foofur on the beachFoofur likes the dunes and the dry sand on the beach, but he dislikes getting wet paws and hates the waves.

Foofur getting wet pawsSo this is quite a unique picture! Normally I carry him on the wet area. This time there was water between us and he decided he really wanted to be with me, so badly he even crossed the water, getting wet paws.

Boris into the seaOn the other hand Boris loves it all. When he gets permission to go he sprints to the water. He loves the sea!

Boris in the breakersHe runs through the breakers, swims and comes back, just to dive in again. We were enjoying watching him so much, we forgot to take a picture when he was swimming. :)

wet BorisCompletely soaked he came out of the water, shaking himself dry close to us... Over the beach and through the natural area we returned. With a very satisfied sigh he jumped in the back of the car. A perfect day!

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