Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank you Robbie!

Yesterday, the big day arrived! The Robbie Williams (and Take That) concert in the Amsterdam Arena! I checked the website all day. The 2nd concert in Denmark had to be cancelled last Saturday because Robbie had food poisoning. Thank goodness our concert wasn't cancelled!

Because we had seated tickets we didn't have to go early. We entered the stadium when The Pet Shop Boys had just started. I love those old songs, brings back memories. The sound wasn't very good though, but fortunately that was solved before the main act arrived.

Take That as a foursome opened the concert with some lame songs. Didn't really catch me until 'Patience' and then 'Shine'. I've never been much of a TT-fan, especially not the quartet. I like it, enjoy some of the songs, but that was not what I went for. Sorry, boys...

Then suddenly there was a familiar face and a familiar sound.... Robbie!!! The whole stadium came alive and the sound-level multiplied big time. He knows how to make an entrance and started with 'Let Me Entertain You'. Now that's how you open a concert! Followed by 'Rock DJ' and 'Come Undone'. In between Rob chatted. He looked very good, although sometimes there were little signs that he wasn't back to complete strength yet. That didn't stop him from giving it all. My all-time favourite 'Feel' was great:
Of course 'Angels' couldn't miss on the set-list:

After a break with dancers Take That returned in original setting with Rob leading them in 'The Flood'. The podium looked magnificent. It did so all evening, the set was really awesome! They started high up in the air. Rob was lowered upside-down like he started the 2003 concerts, spectacular! After some of the new hits they gathered around the piano for the old stuff. Unfortunately not 'Could It Be Magic', but still some great ones like 'Everything Changes'. Mark is my favourite person of the other TT-ers but his voice has changed and I really don't like the sound of it anymore. Gary has a wonderful voice of course. Pity he didn't sing 'Shame' with Rob. In the encore they sang 'No Regrets' (rather hear the original) and 'Relight My Fire' (sounded like a new remix, not bad).

Afterwards I was dog-tired, very thirsty and had a sore throat but man oh man was it worth it! WOOHOO!!!! Rob must have been exhausted, but I'm sure behind the scenes Ayda has received him with a lot of TLC and that's the best medicine for him. :-)

Here are my pics:
Concert Robbie Williams (& Take That)


  1. Anonymous19/7/11 18:24

    Obviously a Robbie fan - not a Take That fan. Did you not see the circus tour - which was by far better than the progress tour.
    Take That are amazing with or without Robbie.

  2. Anonymous19/7/11 18:27

    Je staat op de twitter van de echte Robbie Williams!

  3. je bent geretweet door robbie williams haha! <3 ik was er ook bij, was zó geweldig! ik vond robbie top ondanks die zich niet goed voelden.

  4. Anonymous19/7/11 19:26

    Hi Tink! How are you? Thanks for posting this nice review! ;) It's Margherita from Italy, writing, and thanks to Robbie who RT your post, so that we could read it.
    I went to the San Siro gig, in Milan, and it was brilliant!!!! I've been listening to Take That for years, since I was 13, so can you feel what I felt on July, 12? I'll never forget that feeling: Take That still together. I really love Robbie as a solo artist, believe me, but Fab 5 Take That is Take That. They're part of my life, of the story of my life, and I'll never forget their music and their dancin acts... and the evenings, when me and my school friends watched their videos and bought their postcards and magazines, as well. Good old times!
    I hope Take That will be part of my life and make music together.. for ever! :D I can't decide who's my favourite one, because I love them all: they all add special and unique ingredients for Take That to be magic as they are.
    Sorry for my Englis and nice to meet you!

  5. Robbie Williams is the only singer of the "New generation" I really like.My generation had the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Elton John etc. Take That meant nothing to me. I hope he comes to Brussels too !

  6. Thank you all! I'm honoured by the official retweet. :)
    I haven't been to the Circus tour, because... well, no Robbie! :)
    I hope we'll get a new solo album with solo tour, although I understand Rob likes the company of friends. Whatever makes him happy is fine with me.
    Margherita, your English isn't that bad. Nice to meet you!
    Gattina, Brussels would be great, as it is within reach for me. ;)

  7. Anonymous20/7/11 05:52

    First, thanks Take That(the five TT) for the incredible journey and entertainment you have allowed many to witness and be a part of(yt for the U.S. fans) I completely agree that Rob is the reason this tour has become such an epic event. Before Rob came back they were just a good group and rather boring, whereas now there is life and spirit and fun in every song because Robbie doesn't just sing the music, he is the music and lets all the fans be a part of that. He truly appreciates them all and that is why so many admire and Love him. He completes Take That(then & now).

  8. Anonymous20/7/11 10:14

    Hi Tink! How are you? It's Margherita from Italy again. Thanks for your reply, and thanks for appreciating my English as well! ;) I think this chance to share emotions all around the world (thanks to internet) is as precious as our feelings are.
    As you can see, I'm 31 and I've grown up with Take That, so I'm feeling glad and lucky to see Gary, Howard, Mark, Jason and Robbie together again, being friends more than ever, but I do appreciate your honesty about the things you didn't like (the show opening, Mark's voice, etc.), even though I cried lots of tears while listening to "Greatest Day": in my opinion, that song is magic! :')
    Anyway, all through the past years, there's no doubt Robbie's showed us how GREAT he is, and as an artist (I do agree with Gattina about it) and as a person.
    Did you give a look to the "Look back, don't stare" dvd? He admitted he is a depressed person and too sensitive, at times (like all the greatest artists are), but he's fighting everyday to go on through his life... and I definitely felt in love with him, soon after listening to these words. In my opinion, only the brave show who they really are and he did. Thanks Robbie, for being the way you are!
    Italy's always been a strong TT fan base, even if Robbie once said he didn't like Italian girls 'cause of their "too passionate" behaviour. Maybe he was right: in the '90's we went crazy for them... but we've all grown up, as the years went by, and I'm sure everybody learned something good from the past mistakes.
    In Milan, Take That sang the Italian Anthem along with us, and Robbie said "campioni del mondo! campioni del mondo!" (world champions), to remember his 2006 last solo gig in Milan, when Italy won the World Championship. Still don't know if he likes us or not! ;P
    Anyway, he's been really sexy on stage. He's a force of nature, isn't he?
    See you.

  9. You seem to grasp it though, so I think you ought to run with it. Thanks a lot! Congratulation to you for this big achievement.Thank you again.


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