Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farewell to Miss Peach

(image found at Purrchance To Dream
made by Jan of Jan's Funny Farm for the Cat Blogosphere)

This morning I found out that Miss Peach has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. That made me so very sad... Who is Miss Peach, you think? Well, in her own words: "I am Misses Peach, an 18 year old Victorian Devon Rex kitty who tolerates living in this modern world but would rather live in Jane Austen or Beatrix Potters time." A cat? Yes, but not just any cat...

As a beginning blogger I visited Miss Peach's Meowz, my first encounter with a blogging cat. Little did I know... There is a whole Cat Blogosphere of cats with blogs! Cat-lover as I am, I started following a lot of them. Miss Peach always had her special place in my heart. Can you care for a cat you've never met irl? I know I can! Non-catlovers and non-bloggers (and maybe more people) might not understand, but I don't care. Of course it's not the same as loving my own furballs, but that doesn't mean it isn't real...

Rest in peace, sweet tiny Miss Peach! You'll be missed around the world... My heart goes out to her loving family, that took such great care of her until the very end. A candle will be burning in front of my Bast statue for all of you!


  1. Sorry for your loss. we had to send our Harvey to the bridge last month because he had cancer.he was 18 1/2. Big Time Hug.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, Mike. I'll add a candle for Harvey!

  3. Hi, we followed your link to visit. What a lovely tribute to Miss Peach. Even though her family and blogging friends knew her time was approaching, it was hard to lose her.

  4. How sad! Sure, you can care for a cat you never met. I feel the loss of animals very deeply, even ones I don't know. Poor Miss Peach. :(

    I have a cat, he adopted me, but I'm not sure how old he is though. Perhaps I should get him a blog! I'll have to check out the world of kitty blogging.


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