Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bastet!

Can you believe this little mouse-grey cutie...
...turned into this beautiful lady with cattitude?

Well, she did! Today Bastet has turned 6, just like Freyja earlier this month. She was the only grey and only female kitten in a litter of 4. Her 3 brothers were red. They were left behind at the door of the pet shelter without a mother when they were 3 weeks. 
Bastet started out grey with black tail, head and feet. Soon she started to get all black and later on red spots appeared all over her, that got bigger and brighter. This is her today:

Happy 6th Birthday, Bastet!

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  1. Happy Puurrrrrsday Bastet!!! :-) And belated for Freya as well!


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