Monday, May 15, 2006


Things are finally progressing on the building/moving front. We even set a date to finally go downstairs..! Ron is free on Ascension Day and the day after, so he has a long weekend from Thursday on. On the Saturday we'll be moving downstairs. We'll do our best to get as much ready as possible. The toilet was placed this weekend. Things still to do: living room stove, some painting and whitewash, hallstand, racks for the kitchen cupboards, back entrance hall and lots of little things. So, ambitious plans! We'll see what we can achieve in the short time we have. The online photo album is up-to-date; keep an eye on the last pages to see the progress. :-)

Saturday Ron and I picked up our friend Kitty to go to a linedance evening. Kitty and I have done countrydancing for about 6 years in (IJmuiden and) Heemskerk and our old group organized the party. They hired a live band, Indian Summer. It had been a while, but I've danced as much as possible! ;-) I was sweating heavily and at the end near exhaustion. I had a great time though! Sometimes I just have to do things like this and take the recovery days for granted.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. After I slept until late (Ron was already busy downstairs) we visited mum. We had given her present some time ago: a printed album with pictures of her 70th birthday party. Why wait?
She had gotten a confirmation from the OLVG; she is officially on the waiting list now. They expect the admission to be within two weeks.

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