Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mama 70

Last Friday my mother turned 70. She didn't want to celebrate it, because it would be too much for her at home. However, we (sister, brother, me & partners) didn't want to let this jubilee year pass by unnoticed and decided to organize a party. My brother made his business accommodation available for it. We sent invitations, did some shopping and decorated the place inside and outside with flags and balloons. My brother's son had made 4 special cloths; one of them we hung next to the entrance. For an extra present we put 70 red roses in a sinc bucket. When everything was ready we all went home to put other clothes on and have a bite to eat.

I picked up my mother around 19.00 and the first guests started to trickle in. We did the catering ourselves, but also made time to mingle with the visitors. Most of the family and friends had come. From my mother's family only she and her youngest sister remain (out of 7 brothers and sisters). I think the party was a success: my mother had a great time and we got a lot of compliments from the guests. They enjoyed themselves. Look here and here. I took a lot of pictures. We also posed, for instance Ron & I, mother & daughters and mother & kids. Almost everyone stayed until the end. After everyone left we had fun while clearing away the mess. Around midnight we went home, very tired but also very happy and satisfied!


  1. Anonymous13/2/06 00:16

    Gefeliciteerd met je mama!

    Fijn dat het zo'n leuk en gezellig feest is geworden!

    Veel liefs!

    Sophy en Denice

  2. Looks like your mother had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures. :-)

  3. nog gefeliciteerd met je moeder, Tink!! :D

  4. We had a 90-year party for my mother in May.

    This looks like a very nice birthday party! Your mother's birthday was one day after, and several years before mine--mine is Feb. 9. (I'll be 64.)

    I read your posts around the time of her death. I think you must have loved her very much--I'm sure you miss her.

  5. Yes, I miss her very very much. I'm so glad we did this party for her and she had a great time. I gave her a photo album with the pictures, which she showed to everyone. I have it now and it's very dear to me.


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