Thursday, February 23, 2006

Goodbye my friend =^..^=

We had to let our dear cat Heathcliff go tonight... His kidneys were failing and the values in his blood too bad to do something about. It all went so fast! Lately he lost some weight, but not alarming; he did eat, drink and act like always. Most cats that have kidney problems drink a lot more but he didn't. When he did, it was already too late... :-( The last days he declined rapidly, so we had to decide to release him from his suffering. He died in my arms...

That's the one and only thing I hate about pets: the moment I have to let them go... We cried our hearts out, Ron at the vet's and I at home. Heathcliff was with us ever since he was a kitten. We saved him when he was around 4 weeks; two kittens from his nest had been eaten by the pitbulls that also lived in the house! We decided to take him with us and feed him ourselves. In April this year he would have been 15. I know we gave him a happy home, but I hoped to have him with us so much longer...

He was very fond of Ron too, kissed (licked) him and washed his hear and moustache! He lived indoors, but loved to enjoy the sun on the terrace. Poemel misses him already; they always shared their favourite places like the chair, their own sofa and the radiator.

I have lit a candle in front of my Bast statue. I know she will guide him to the rainbow bridge where he'll meet our other pets. Gone but never forgotten... Until we meet again...


  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Tink}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Veel sterkte gewenst meid.

  2. Anonymous24/2/06 16:38

    Wat ontzettend naar, zo'n liefje!

    Heel veel sterkte!

    Sophy en Denice

  3. I am sorry for your loss.

  4. oh, my heart aches for you. I just gave up two cats and a dog due to this recent move. It is so hard to bring an animal into our life only to lose them. I will say a prayer that his road on the rainbow bridge will be filled with bits of tuna, and toys to keep him happy.

  5. Our pets are true members of our family. I had to put down my dog a couple years ago and it was truly the hardest thing I've ever been thru. My prayers are with you.

  6. Thank you all! Heathcliff has been cremated yesterday and will be scattered in the fields. We are giving Poemel some extra TLC, because she seems lost and lonely without her friend. She wanders around the house, meowing and trying to find him...

  7. Heel veel sterkte en liefs gewenst. Je weet dat je ze ooit moet laten gaan, maar dat maakt het verdriet niet minder.

  8. Anonymous26/2/06 08:05

    My dear Tink~
    I am so very sorry to hear of your furbabe's passing. I have not been online much and had no idea of what has been going on in your life as of recent. I know that Heathcliff had a wonderful life here on Earth with you and your D.H. I too have been thru this type of loss in 1993, with my sweet Jasmine =^..^=. Gone in an instance... Know that Boo =^..^= & I are sending you giant ((hugs)) to heal your aching soul. Though his passing was just days ago, know that in time Heathcliff will guide another furbabe into your lives when you are ready to open your arms to another furbabe. Do give Poemel a bit more attention as this will calm her anxiety. I wish your Mom the best with her current health challenges. My Mom has both heart and chronic respiratory problems. Just IM me on the MSN or e-mail and you have my ear and shoulder to help you thru this trying time... Be strong dear Tink! Love and light, sunshine and smiles across the pond to you, PCF~AngelByTheC*

  9. Oh Tink, I am so sorry to hear about Heathcliff. Its so hard to lose a pet, they are just like family.

    And poor Poemel, missing her friend too... sending you both some extra love and comfort.

  10. He, wat akelig. Je kunt huisdieren zo missen als ze ineens weg zijn. Veel sterkte!

  11. I am so very sorry about your cats death. I have had cats all my life, I currently have 7. When one dies it is as strong a bereavement as losing a human member of the family. Cats give us so much unconditional love, and only ask to be fed in return. I hope that in time your loss will be lessened.

    Cathy. xx

  12. Hoe gaat het inmiddels met jullie en Poemel?

  13. Gaat wel... Gisteren hebben we de herinneringskaart met gedicht van het crematorium gekregen; dan zijn er weer tranen. Poemel is niet bij ons weg te slaan, zoekt af en toe ook nog. Ach, komt wel weer goed, maar het blijft moeilijk.

  14. i am so sorry for your loss ... I still cry over our marshmallow cat Nimbus who we put down about 5 years ago


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