Monday, February 20, 2006

SFGA: Asatru

Last Thursday the SFGA welcomed Dreki to tell us about Asatru, the Northern Tradition. It was very interesting. I must say I didn't know a lot about Asatru; I've read the Edda and knew some basic stuff. Dreki not only told us general information, but also gave it a personal touch by describing how he feels about it and applies it. He works with a group called Het Rad (The Wheel). Their website is mostly in dutch, but some of it is available in english. Especially the linkpage contains enough to explore Asatru on the www.

We tried a new location for the SFGA that evening, also in the city center of Amsterdam. Although it looked promising at first I don't think we'll return there. The old location isn't bad or something, in fact we use several locations. We just need a bit of privacy and acceptable prizes for drinks (and food).


  1. Hello to you too! :)
    Do I know you?

  2. Hoi Tink,

    heb jij de naam ook van de asatru bij Castlefest, volgens mij kwam hij uit Den Haag. Ik wil graag een keer een voorlezing/cursus van hem volgen.

    Spreek je weer.
    Mail me aub terug via mijn hyves, dank je Franky B


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