Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Busy day

This morning my mum and I went to the hospital in Haarlem for the ultra-sound scan of her heart. She said she wasn't nervous, but I felt she was. We were early, but didn't have to wait long. The nurse was very friendly. My mum didn't want to see the scan, but I could look over the nurse's shoulder. Very interesting to see the images from my biology books come alive. I noticed the irregular and fast beating. I could also recognize the ventricles and auricles. The valve was visible, but it was opening and closing very fast. Later on the nurse made the blood circulation visible, different colours for the directions. After approximately 35 to 40 minutes the scan was ready. Next Wednesday we have an appointment with the cardiologist for the results.

In the afternoon I had a meeting at the local pet-shelter to hand over my voluntary work to a paid employee. The management got disposal of extra hours and decided to use them for this. I got a call a few weeks ago and they emphasized it wasn't because they were dissatisfied with my work, on the contrary. I did the donations administration and coordinated the aftercare (people visit everyone that takes a pet from the shelter at home). It didn't take a lot of time to do, but still it was getting too much for me. Sometimes even Ron had to step in to help me. I managed to do my work in the best way (always a perfectionist...), but I was thinking about stopping. In a way the call from the management was convenient; I didn't have to take the decision myself. Still, I feel ambivalent about it. On one hand I'm glad I don't have to do it anymore, but on the other hand: again something I can't do anymore. That makes me sad. I'll still do occasional work for the pet shelter when they need me, I'll stay in the shelter committee, but even so... :-( Ah well, I'll get over it and find something else I can do!

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  1. Ik hoop dat de resultaten woensdag goed zijn, ik denk aan jou en je moeder, sterkte!

    Jammer dat je bent gestopt/hebt moeten stoppen met je vrijwilligerswerk. Maar je hebt al die tijd heel goed werk gedaan voor hen, en je moet het nu gewoon zien als een volgende stap; je kan nu iemand anders gaan helpen, en je moet natuurlijk ook aan jezelf toe kunnen komen.
    Ik weet zeker dat er iets anders op je pad komt waarbij je je goed voelt.



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