Sunday, March 09, 2008

Inspection location Beltane

Wonder and I will be organizing a pagan meeting on Beltane, this year on April 30 and May 1. Almost everybody is free because of Queen's Day and Ascension Day. Molaris and Aphrodite Moira wanted to do something the same days, so we decided to join forces. The first invitations went out quite some time ago. We made a website with Googlepages called Beltaneviering 2008. Feel free to join us!
Yesterday Ron, Wonder and I drove to Hengelo to look at the location, a scouting log cabin in the woods. Wonder and I had attended an Occult Forum meeting there before in 2006. The building has everything we need. Two large rooms inside, a fire circle and large terrain outside. Ron had some practical and technical questions regarding connections, safety and the like. That will be his responsibility, he's very good at those things and I'm glad he agreed to do it. The people there were very friendly and helpful.
When we were ready it was still early, so we decided to drive to Zutphen to shop and look around. For the drive home we set the navigation to "as little motorway as possible" and took a tourist route home. Lovely and beautiful!

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