Thursday, March 27, 2008

TT #78: grandmothers


Thirteen indigenous grandmothers

In October, 2004, 13 grandmothers from around the world came together in a historic gathering, fulfilling an ancient prophecy, known by many of the world's indigenous tribes: "When the Grandmothers from the four directions speak, a new time is coming."
In some Native American societies, tribal leaders consulted a council of grandmothers before making any major decisions that would affect the whole community. What if we consulted our wise women elders about the problems facing our global community today?
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers represents a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come.

grandmothers with Dalai Lama

The 13 Grandmothers with the Dalai Lama
(photo: Marisol Villanueva)

The council consists of these 13 amazing women:

Grandmothers book (click on the cover to read more info and buy the book)

They are also making a documentary called
"For the Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak".


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  1. I love coming to visit your blog Tink. You have such wonderful and fascinating things to share - Thank you. I've never heard of the grandmothers (other than Oriah's grandmother spirit guides) and many of them are from MY country. That's a bit embarrassing!

    Happy TT!

  2. I'd never heard of that. Fascinating!

  3. Wow. Sounds like an amazing meeting. I'm adding the book to my wishlist. Happy TT.

  4. Anonymous26/3/08 23:50

    I am going to have to read this book!!! Thank you for featuring this and bringing it to my attention

  5. LOVED this post. I studied and participated in many native ceremonies. I like the respect to our elders and the planet.



  6. I remember hearing about this event, maybe NPR online. Your post brings it alive. The book looks really interesting.

    The role of grandmothers is certainly sidelined in the US. Where I live, the extended family is the norm, and children grow up with their grandparents, living in their wisdom.

    Now that I'm 55, people have started addressing me as 'grandmother.' I still ask them to call me older sister, or even aunt; in spite of my protests, I do feel honored.

  7. Interesting, I'd not heard about it.

    The PInk Flamingo

  8. This is super info. I'm reading the old chestnut "The Great Cosmic Mother," so this post is a nice update of the text for me. God bless.

  9. Anonymous27/3/08 02:30

    Wow, that sounds really cool! Happy TT!

  10. Fantastic TT! Thank you so much for the links to each of the Grandmothers. Beautiful.

  11. Tink! How the heck are ya? I have been away from the TT for months. Glad to be back and catch up with you. I love this list. These women are fascinating. Hope you are well.
    Happy TTing -


  12. Sounds like a book to read. Happy TT!

  13. Great list:) Happy TT.

  14. Oh to be a fly on the wall. I bet it was an incredible meeting. Happy T13!

  15. This is truly amazing and I definitely will purchase the book. I never knew about this and it absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention -- I love learning these things. Great post! And Happy TT!

  16. I'd never heard of that either sounds interesting.

  17. Very interesting ! Especially because I belong to the grandma's but I am not yet one !

  18. Oh, how fascinating! I'd never heard of this--thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  19. I wish I could have listened in on that meeting!

    Happy TT! My list is up

  20. Wow - I'd never heard of this group of women before your T13, Tink. Thanks for sharing them with us. I loved looking at all of their wise faces. Looking at them made me feel so serene.

  21. Anonymous27/3/08 18:17

    Wow, how interesting, I haven't heard of this prior to your blog. I love to read about prophesy's.
    Thanks for sharing, I will pass it along.

  22. I have never heard of the council of 13, but I am glad to have stumbled upon it.

    My T13

  23. Anonymous27/3/08 19:48

    Thank you Tink, I'll make sure to pick this up as soon as I can!


  24. I too had never heard of this, but I am very interested. Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Now I must say that I'm very disappointed that there are 5 USA indigenous grandmothers and no Australian. We have heaps of indigenous people here, and something like this would just help to boost there image and give them a voice. The Aboriginal Elder Ruth is the spokesperson for the Ngunnawal people, on whose land we live in Canberra. She is definitely an indigenous grandmother. Other than that: interesting initiative.

  26. Wow, that's reallly something. I'd like to read through what happened there. thanks for pointing this out to us. I TT'd about my Grandfather this week :)

  27. What a wonderful idea for a T-13 and a terrific ‘resource’ for those of us who are fascinated by such things. I’ve been clicking on links and enjoying what I found … will be clicking on links for days to come … perhaps weeks? I’ve gotta get this book! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. Please allow me to share the World Youth Forum for The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers found on the Native Village homepage.


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