Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Last weekend was the Grand Reopening of the local pet shelter, Kerbert Dierentehuis. There have been major changes, rebuilding, new building, rearrangement of rooms... A real metamorphosis! It looks nice, modern, clean, GOOD! The cats and dogs can walk freely inside and outside, they have everything they could possibly need to make their stay in the pet shelter as comfortable as possible while they are waiting for a new home. Years ago a visit to a pet shelter could be a bit depressing, but times have changed and so has our shelter and its accommodation. I had seen the progress when I was there for meetings of the shelter commission and Dierenbescherming (Animal Protection). The Kerbert has worked hard to meet all the new rules and regulations, with result! We are now fully certified.
Saturday the managing director of the national Dierenbescherming reopened the pet shelter and officially presented the certification. The manager got flowers and an envelope with money, because he is in charge for 12 and a half years. He and his co-workers (a few paid, but mainly volunteers) are doing a terrific job every day keeping the shelter at the high standard it is. After the official part illusionist Hans Klok (a local resident) concluded the reopening magically with a small performance.
You can see the pictures Ron made here, and another album with pics here.

Yesterday I was talking with Wonder on the telephone when suddenly behind me all hell broke loose. Freyja and Bastet were fighting like crazy and Foofur was caught in between because he interfered. Normally they'll stop when I stamp my foot, but this time it was serious. Maia was scared and run away into the kitchen. Unfortunately that was where Freyja was heading too. She broke the glasses on the kitchen unit and Maia disappeared behind the dishwasher. Freyja and Bastet weren't finished yet and Foofur was stupid enough to interfere again. I gave him a little kick in the butt. When I wanted to come between the cats I hit the couch and hurt my wrist. I screamed and after a while everything calmed down. I wanted to drink something and noticed my wrist was hurting a lot more! So while the cats have solved their differences and reinstated their mutual positions I'm left with a bruised wrist......!

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  1. Hey,

    Ik kwam eigelijk gewoon om mn kaart te "droppen", maar toen zag ik dat je van Nederland was en besloot om iets te zeggen.
    That's it =)

    x Anneleen


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