Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kerstin Fritzl wants to see Robbie

The oldest child that Josef Fritzl fathered by his own daughter is on the road to recovery, has been reunited with her family and the first thing she asked for after a lifetime of being held in a dank cellar was to go to a Robbie Williams concert.
“I am especially proud that [she] could walk the distance to her new residence and into her new life,” Dr Reiter added. Ms Fritzl saw daylight for the first time in her life after she awakened in the intensive care ward of the Amstetten regional hospital. According to Dr Reiter, the first wish that she expressed to her carers was to go on a boat trip and to attend a Robbie Williams concert.
“Even immediately after she awakened and still had the tracheotomy intubation for the breathing assistance in her throat she would listen to Robbie Williams until 3am. I then would have to intervene for her to turn down the music and get some rest,” Dr Reiter said.

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