Tuesday, November 25, 2008

COT #21: Maia locked in

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Maia loves to sit close to me when I'm at my computerdesk. Any place on or in the desk will do: in front of the monitor, on the mousepad, on the papers around me, on the keyboard, etc. Sometimes she just sits quietly behind the monitor.

Last week she was sitting there again, when Ron and I had to go out for a while. Maia jumped from her place to the table behind me. I closed the desk, as always keeping a crack open so the computer can release warmth. Ron and I went away and came back later that afternoon. When I opened my desk Maia ran out of it in a flash. The poor thing must somehow have jumped back in the desk and behind the monitor before I shut it. She must have panicked; the inside of my desk was a huge mess. There had been a big glass of cola, but that was empty... My keyboard had drowned in the cola, my 2009 daily planner and the other paper stuff were torn and soaked too. Fortunately my computer and printer are in separate departments in my desk, so they were okay. Ron got me another keyboard and I've ordered a new planner. To my surprise Maia still loves the desk, but I check it multiple times whenever I close it!


  1. Poor Maia! Didn't she meow to be let out??? Target is also an office manager. He clears off my desk when he needs more space so I don't get a chance to let work pile up :-) happy COT!

  2. Hi!
    there's an award for you at

    Duni & Sammy, the cat

  3. Oh no - you must have been very surprised when you opened your desk! I'm glad your computer & printer were okay!

    Maia's pretty. :)

  4. Harvey has never done that. he will come times want in my lap when I siting at the computer. I hope that you had a great day today!

  5. Must be a nice companion while working on your puter :-)

    Wishing you a nice end to your week!

  6. Poor Maia stuck in the desk! I'm glad that your computer was OK! Willow is my desk buddy - she is either on the desk on my left side or on the computer on the right side!

  7. Poor Maia! I bet she was wondering when you were going to come back!

  8. Hi Tink, we've tagged Maia for a meme!
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    1. Each player starts with 8 random fact/habits about themselves.
    2. Tagged players write their own blog about their 8 things and post these rules.
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