Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My room and a ritual

Last Saturday three friends came to our home to do a ritual. Ron and I had cleaned the house and decorated my room to make it a bit cosier. I hung a celtic tree cloth on the bare wooden wall and put other cloths over cardboard boxes and such. The altar chest stood in the middle and I decorated the side cabinet. I put my lamp on some boxes. Last week I got this wonderful Lunar Calendar 2009 by fantasy artist Gwen Davies. I love it, so framed it and put it in a chair (afterwards I hung it on the wall).

Some time ago I decided I wanted to do a Cone of Power for a very good friend. I asked the friends we celebrated Litha with to join me. They all wanted but not everyone was able to come, so we were with the four of us. I had written the ritual, because the others aren't that experienced yet and I know our friend best. We divided the roles among us. I guided the circle from hand to hand, explained about the Cone and led the others into a guided meditation. I hadn't written anything down for the meditation; I knew what I wanted to accomplish with it, so I improvised while doing it. I think it went well, I got good reactions. The Cone of Power was very strong, we all felt it as almost touchable.

Afterwards we had diner together. Everyone had contributed something. We had chicken soup, french bread with garlic butter, Russian salad, salmon salad and a fresh salad. We were hungry and thirsty after the ritual! After diner they stayed for a while and we chatted about the ritual and other stuff. In the evening everyone went home.


  1. I LOVE your altar, and the Celtic tapestry you hung! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't know much about your ritual, but I really do like that tapestry and that lunar calendar.

  3. Like the tapestry! How the CFatigue test coming along?

  4. What a beautiful cloth and nice lamp. Good to know you had a great time and what delicious food!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and if you have the time, your always welcome over to celebrate with me :-)


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