Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doctor's appointments

This afternoon I had two doctor's appointments in the CFS centre in Amsterdam. First I had to see the cardiologist. He asked me a lot of questions and did some tests. He made an ultrasound scan of my heart. My cholesterol was too high again (6, should be under 5) and my bloodpressure was also high (170-110). Together with my hereditary load and me being overweight there are a lot of risk factots. He wants to do more tests to look into it further.

The second appointment was with the internist. He also had a lot of questions. He doesn't trust the strange blackout episodes I have since I was about 14. The last months I didn't have one, but there isn't really a pattern. Sometimes I have three in a month and then none for months. I have had a lot of tests and specialists have looked at it several times, but no-one knew the answer except for what it is not. The last tests have been some years ago, so the internist wants me to visit a neurologist. It doesn't hurt to look at it again. I guess!

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