Monday, April 06, 2009

Planetary Magic

This weekend I attended a workshop of the Olympia group with Marian Green. The subject was "planetary magic". I hadn't been feeling very well the week before, but this was interesting enough to be present! I didn't know very much about the theme, almost nothing to be precise, but thought it would be interesting. And it was!

We learned about the planetary correspondences, symbols, colours, meaning and lots more. Like always with Marian not only the facts, but also understanding what's behind it and why. She told us about the origin of the planetary symbols and how they are built out of the same elements (a crescent moon and a cross mainly). I could never remember the symbols, but now I can. The word planet comes from Greek and means "wanderer", because for the ancient people the planets seemed to wander along the sky. Just to name some things I learned. :)

On Sunday we had a ritual to get acquainted and connect with the planets. I represented Mercury, dressed in orange. Saturday evening I had done research on the www. Some of the members had made a planetary talisman; those were purified and blessed in the circle. It was a wonderful ritual. The group is awesome. Everyone can do their own thing from the heart within the structure of the ritual. There is trust, so each person can feel at ease.

It was a very interesting workshop. Marian has so much knowledge and she shares it freely. In between talking about the theme I always pick up a lot of other stuff. Olympia rocks!
I'm going to explore the subject of planetary magic further. So if you know any good books or websites about it, please share!


  1. Its always great to learn something outside our world - thanks for sharing. I do understand you are excited about this.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Stopping by to give you a hug, too, Tink! :)

  3. Very interesting - Good Luck !

  4. Sounds like you had a great time, and a very interesting subject!


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