Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Surgery Ron

Last week Ron got a message from the Sudor Clinic in Almelo. He has to check in tomorrow morning for his thoracoscopic sympathectomy (the link leads you to an animation), surgery in which the nerves that cause hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) under his arms will be partly cut/burned. He is nervous about the operation itself, but also looking forward to finally getting rid of this problem. He has tried everything there is to overcome it, but nothing really helped. This procedure is drastic, but the only option left for Ron. It is performed in other hospitals in the Netherlands too, but the Sudor clinic is specialised and has the highest success percentage (98%!).
We'll leave early in the morning to be there in time. Ron has to stay one night for observation. I have booked a simple hotelroom nearby. If all goes as planned he'll be released from hospital on Thursday and we can come home. I wish we were that far already! I'm at least as nervous as Ron is. Please think of him, pray, light a candle, anything you want; all support is welcome!


  1. sterkte vandaag! komt zeker allemaal goed :)

  2. Succes! Duim duim! Cross my fingers! Steek een kaarsje aan in mijn hoofd...


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