Thursday, April 30, 2009

TT #98: random stuff


Thirteen random things
It has been a while since I did a TT, so here's a new one. Just some random stuff I'd like to share with you.

  • Today is Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) in The Netherlands. You can read more about it here. Queen Beatrix and her family will visit Apeldoorn, but there are activities throughout the country. I especially like the freemarkets on the streets in almost every town or village, where mostly children (or so it should be...) sell old toys, books, stuff!
  • Last weekend Ron and I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens, a medieval / gothic / fantasy / pagan festival on the grounds around Castle "De Haar". I'll post about it later and add my pictures.
  • Ron is still recovering from his surgery. The pain afterwards is worse than expected; they really should have told us about it. It's slowly getting better and his armpits and hands are still dry. He is a happy man!
  • The last few weeks I was a member of the application committee that was interviewing people for the job of coordinator of the pool of voluntary people helping others with their own experience. As a member of the pool I was added to the committee. It was very interesting work!
  • Maia has been neutered today. She is still a bit woozy, but everything's okay. She is almost two years old now, but she remains very little. That poor little body with a big cut on her tummy... I spoil her rotten! ;-)
  • This is my 98th Thursday Thirteen. I want to do 100 and then it's time to quit. Time for a new meme, a new challenge. Do you have a tip? Let me know!
  • This coming weekend Ron and I will go to a pagan forum meeting in Hengelo to celebrate Beltane. I hope the weather will be nice, so we can have the ritual outside and make some great fires!
  • I have finished the fifth and last book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles. I simply love this series and now it has ended... The heroine can be described as "Buffy in regency-era London", a brilliant setting with unexpected plots. Don't know it? Lucky you, because you have 5 great books to read! Colleen Gleason is an amazing author; on her website you can read all about her and the series.
  • Around this time I would have been initiated with the other Ara-girls, but it wasn't meant to be (yet?)... We are very disappointed and consider our possibilities. I'd still love to be initiated in the Ara tradition, but there are some issues that have to be solved first.
  • This year around Midsummer Ron and I will go back on vacation to the lovely cottage near Lier in Belgium where we stayed last year. We are invited to stay there for two weeks while our friends (the owners) are away. Although I'll miss the cats very much, I really look forward to spend time in this little paradise again!
  • I am busy organising a walk in the dunes near IJmuiden with a guide that has been a ranger there for years. He knows a lot about everything that grows and lives in the dune area. The walk will have the focus on herbs.
  • Have you seen the video of Susan Boyle in Britains Got Talent? She has a fabulous voice. Looks can deceive... Everyone was laughing at her, until she opened her mouth. Wow!! I hope her dream comes true, she deserves no less.
  • A new Star Trek movie is coming! I have to see it of course. I'll have to get used to new faces with familiar names, but that doesn't have to be a problem. Did you watch the trailer already? The release date is May 7.


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  1. This has a fantasy feel to it even if Queen Beatrix is real. I've done 184 TT's. List talk suits me and helps me tie up the week. I have Jimi Hendrix on kazoo today.

  2. A good varied post. Lots of interest. Thanks for that.

  3. Loved your list! Cute idea.

    Happy TT and thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. The Elf Fantasy Fair sounds cool!

    I'm almost at the end of the fifth book too...sigh...

  5. I've never been to one of those historical fairs, but would like to. The nearest to me as 175 miles away.

    Can't wait for the Star Trek movie. Looks like it's going to be a good one.

  6. It's good to catch up with you. I've not spent much time visiting blogs for quite some time. I'll be praying for Ron's recovery. I love the video of Susan Boyle and will have to check out the new Star Trek movie. I didn't know they were working on one.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Yes! Colleen Gleason's books are amazing!

    I'll miss you if you truly stop Thirteening. I've learned a lot from you, you know.

  8. Poor puppy. Congrats on doing so many. I'm at 5. LOL. happy Thursday and have fun at the cottage!

    Thursday 13 - edition 5
    Laundry love...and hate

  9. Anonymous30/4/09 21:30

    An Elf Fantasy fair sounds like my kind of place!


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