Tuesday, January 05, 2010

COT #30: getting warm

Cats On Tuesday
CATS ON TUESDAY is a group of cat lovers
who share pictures and/or stories about their cats once a week,
hosted by Gattina.

It's been a while since I posted for Cats On Tuesday. After a lot of dog-talk it's cat-time again!
Outside it's cold, colder than usual. We are having snow, hail, glazed frost... and there's more to come. The cats have their own methods to keep warm!


Freyja claims the central heating in the kitchen.

Bastet & Arwen

Bastet snuggles up to Arwen.


When Maia doesn't join Freyja on the radiator, she's on a pile of fleece blankets.


  1. Looks so cute, warm and cosy :-)

  2. Wow, these places are all the best!
    Luna also would prefer the fleece blankets.
    Olli would prefer the doggie.
    My favorite place is the radiator ;D

    Stay warm friends <3

  3. Indeed very nice napping places ! I just was so surprised to see Maia who has become such a big cat ! I always remember when you got her !

  4. Gasp, cuddling with the d-o-g? Lol my kitties have never heard of such a thing. Great pics, keep safe and warm!

  5. Looks like all the cats of found nice warm places to rest. In our previous home, which was colder, Luna used to sit on a table above the heater.

  6. Very cute photos -- and such smart kitties, they know where to go when it's cold outside! My three all head to the bed and snuggle in the blankets -- I'm so jealous :-)

  7. your Maia looks very much like my Milesl

  8. There's one other way our gang keeps warm: sleeping on our feet!

  9. We're glad you're all safe and warm inside!

  10. Happy to see you at COT again! :)
    Your kitties all look so warm and
    cozy. I'll bet the warmest is your
    little Bastet who is such a cute
    little doggie cuddler. Keep warm!

  11. Feyja is one smart cat to choose the source of heat.
    Had to look twice at Bastet to realise that she snuggled up to Arwen, the dog. The countless scratch marks on the chair shows it is much loved.
    Maia looks really snug on top of blanket pile.


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