Wednesday, January 06, 2010

End of the aftercare group

In August I started an aftercare group for people with an eating disorder with Chantal in Haarlem. Unfortunately we had to call it quits last Monday. The group we started with said goodbye one by one and we couldn't find enough new participants to keep the group going.. We did all we could think of to promote the group and to make it known, but the response wasn't enough.

In December we had 3 people. Then one of them stopped to get more intensive therapy. One other was very enthusistic, but after one cancellation we didn't hear from her again. I tried to contact her by mail, sms, phone... nothing! I really don't understand; I hope nothing serious happened.

And so we ended up with only one participant. When I contacted Chantal about it, she had more bad news. She has to stop because of health issues of her own. I know another woman that wants to step in, but into what...? The foundation of the group is gone. We could only pull the plug...

I feel disappointed. Everyone always says there aren't enough aftercare groups in our area, but when there is one there aren't enough participants. I know I did my best, but I'm sad about it nevertheless. It was the right decision to stop, but it feels wrong...

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  1. Yes, it is sad -- it reminds me at work when they want to start things. everyone gets excited, you count yourself lucky to get 3-6 participants the first time -- hoping that those 3-6 might basically recruit others, but they don't and it is so hard when you get the word out, have posters up and all that and you finally have to - like you say pull the plug - maybe sometime later you can restart it - or maybe someone else will come along who will start one up but has more/new connections in the community to better promote it and you can help him/her out.


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