Sunday, January 10, 2010


windmills in FlevolandMy country is a land of windmills. Of course you all know the old-fashioned beautiful windmills, but we also have a lot of the modern wind turbines. And there will be more to give us more energy in an enviromentally friendly way.
Last Friday I participated in a citizen's panel, that looked into locations to place a lot of new windmills (and replace old ones) on request of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment. It is an ongoing project which started early 2009. The project manager gave an introductory talk about the plans and what was expected of us. Then we split up in groups to discuss four of the possible locations from a citizen's prospective. Several experts were present and available for questions. Wind energy is a good thing, but of course there are pros and cons. Our country isn't very big and when you rule out areas of dense population, nature reserves, airports and flight routes there isn't that much left. It was a very interesting afternoon and it feels good to be a part of all this. Nothing is decided yet, but we and our suggestions were taken very seriously.


  1. very interesting post, I actually never knew about this!

  2. hi cora,

    this is marcus liesenfeld from berlin.

    i am desperate to reach you, because of that tinkerbell toy for my daughter.

    What happened?

    here is my email adress again:

    hope to hear from you.


  3. i think the modern turbines are so pretty and magical looking. i am always mesmerized when i see a stretch of them.

  4. Leuk zo'n panel, interessant onderwerp. En mooie foto!


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