Monday, September 26, 2005

Mabon with Whitelight

Last weekend Monique and I attended a Mabon-meeting of the Whitelight-forum which celebrated its first year! I post on the forum from time to time, but I didn't know much people irl beforehand. I was looking forward to it but had been busy with other things the days before, so I had to settle in for a while. Looking back I can say we had a great weekend!

The location was "Het Keldertje" (little cellar) on leisure-park De Woensberg. We had 4 little log cabins with 4 bunk beds each and a big collective cabin with kitchen. The weather forecast wasn't very good, but fortunately it was wrong; we had sunny weather most of the time!
Among the people was a couple from... IJmuiden! They looked familiar, but I didn't know them. When we talked a bit longer they turned out to be the neighbours of Ron's best friend (now only his ex-wife lives there)! I admired the woman's beautiful necklace and heard she bought it on a jumble sale just around the corner of my home. It's a small world...!

After introductions and lunch there were workshops. I had chosen "totem animal". First we got a guided meditation to find or meet our totem animal. It was wonderful to meet "my" black panther again. Later the totem I got in the Phyllis Curott weekend, a red deer, walked towards us with a little roe (deer) at his side. The little one told me she was Monique's totem animal, but couldn't get through to her. I welcomed her, but then it was time to leave. When everyone had returned from their journey we talked about our experiences. Monique had been disturbed in her meditation and failed to meet her animal, so I told her about the little roe.
Then we gathered around the tables to make a spiritstick, decorating a branch we found in the woods in the spirit of the totem animal. This is my result (picture taken at home in front of my big Bast statue).

Whitelight had given all of us a little decorated box. The accompanying assignment was to write a note for someone else with a wish. It wasn't easy to come up with a wish, but finally I wrote: 'I wish you BALANCE. Balance in yourself, balance in your life, on the inside and to the outside.' Saturday night in the Mabon ritual we had to give the box to someone in the group we didn't know. I instantly knew to whom I had to give it. She was very surprised, because my wish scored bull's eye. It was exactly what she needed and wished for. I got a box with a short note: 'much luck and happiness'. Who wouldn't want that?
The ritual took place around a campfire in a big circle. We drew the circle by walking around deosil (clockwise) three times and closed it by walking widdershins (counter-clockwise). It was a warm ritual, literally and metaphorically. Afterwards we sat around the fire and talked, sang and celebrated.

The night wasn't that bad, but I was glad it was over. I giggled and teased, didn't sleep much, had to go to the toilet (in a cabin further down), missed Ron like crazy... Nothing new! ;-)
Some of us woke up early to greet the sun at sunrise (7.16am). We did a nice little ritual in an open field. Then we made tea and coffee and talked a bit. I went for a walk in the woods with a little group. Joy (the dog of one of the forum-members) joined us. I missed my dogs, so I was glad to have a substitute. That sounds bad, but I really liked to play with her and have her around!

After the brunch there were more workshops. I have made a besom (broom). Silverwolf first explained something about the witches broom and its origin and then we got creative! We sat outside, the weather was fine. I want to decorate the handle later.

Too soon the time came to say goodbye and go home... Always an emotional moment. I had enjoyed myself very much, but was eager to go home also. I've met a lot of new people and I'd love to see them again!


  1. Leuk om te lezen Tink! En bedankt voor het meebrengen van de Pagan Dawn.

    Blessed be,

  2. Graag gedaan! Ik heb je helaas niet veel gesproken. Volgende keer beter dan maar!

  3. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love your Bast, and you did a great job with the spirit stick.
    Nice Post

  4. Thanks! This Bast is supposed to be a garden statue, but I think it would be a waste to place her outside.

  5. Anonymous27/9/05 14:14

    Hoi Tink,

    Dat klinkt echt als een heerlijk weekend! Leuk ook dat je er foto's bij hebt gedaan.



  6. Ja, met foto's is het toch altijd net wat leuker en duidelijker. :-)

  7. I love workshops where I get to create something with my hands. Sounds like it was a wonderful Mabon weekend!

  8. Het klinkt heel mooi Tink!!!

  9. Leuke bezem heb je Tink! Ga jij em nog dikker maken of vind je je bezem nu goed? Ik denk namelijk dat ik nog meer van die takken ga halen, de ene kant is bij mij namelijk dikker dan de andere...

    Blessed be...

  10. Ik denk dat ik de takkenbos zo laat. De steel wil ik wel nog versieren, want die vind ik maar saai. Ik heb al een andere zelfgemaakte bezem met een hele volle (maar kortere) takkenbos; de steel daarvan is een dikke tak uit het bos.


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