Saturday, September 17, 2005


About Gaialynn... She is doing much better! She was scheduled to go home yesterday, but unfortunately she has an infection and fever. Now she has to stay at least until tuesday. Let's hope it's nothing serious, so she can recuperate at home and be with her kids. I talked to her on the phone on Thursday. She was disappointed she couldn't go home yet, but she definately sounded a lot better. The cards I've sent her hadn't arrived yet.

I've got my new datebook for 2006!! I bought it yesterday at Himalaya in Amsterdam. Just like this year I'll use the We'Moon spiral datebook. It is great: informative, lovely design, very colourful. I also like the philosophy behind We'Moon. The name stands for "We of the Moon" and "women". You can read all about it on their website.

Yesterday evening we had the first meeting of the bookclub (see here) at Luna's. Because I already was in Amsterdam, she invited me to come earlier and have dinner with her and her son. The food was great, she's a good cook. We talked and listened to beautiful harp music by Jenny of Omnia. Unfortunately the CD isn't available anymore.
When the other girls came we talked about the book and how our little club will work. Then suddenly I felt sick: heavy sweating, splitting headache and later on I had to vomit. It got worse, so I called Ron to pick me up. On our way home I threw up in the car. I was glad to be home... Not a very nice ending of a wonderful day. :-(


  1. Anonymous21/9/05 18:49

    Hoi Tink,

    Voel je je al weer wat beter?

    Leuk dat jullie 12 Wilde Zwanen doen, heb ik ook gelezen en er zitten een hoop bruikbare oefeningen in.

    Veel plezier ermee!

    Dikke kus,


  2. Ik ben zaterdag nog aardig ziek geweest, maar zondag was ik gelukkig alweer aan het opknappen.

    Zelf heb ik Twaalf Wilde Zwanen al een paar keer gelezen, maar ik hoop met het groepje wat meer te doen met de oefeningen.


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